How 2020 Affected Us

Like many small businesses, 2020 has affected us in many different ways. We've had to close our Canadian lab down in February, due to the health concerns of our employees. We are planning on trying to open our Canada lab back up in Spring 2021, if circumstances are better by then. We lost some of our oldest Canadian-customers and barbers because of this, but at the moment, we cannot successfully administer two locations (especially with health concerns of our employees, who are family to us). 

With barber shops being closed for a large portion of 2020 (and some being permanently closed), we were forced to change our entire game-plan. Local barber shops and salons were our largest customers, which was why we originally opened a lab in the United States. Unfortunately, a month after we officially opened our Florida lab for business, COVID-19 struck. We realized this was no longer going to be the plan-of-action.

Without all the orders we planned on receiving, we had more time to reflect on "What is Beard of God?", and "How can we make Beard of God better?". To start, we focused on our foundation, our customers. Our customers are like a family to us; we've connected with your weddings, engagements, new girlfriends, those who just started growing a beard, being excited over new scents and products, and so much more. Every time a new customer clicks that "contact us" button and sends us an email or even places their very first order, a new connection is started. This year, we got more personal than ever, and we couldn't ask for anything else! We look forward to keeping this relationship as personal as it is, and growing with you. We thank you immensely for being the true stars of our business and helping us keep pushing through 2020. 

You may have noticed new products that rolled out throughout the year, and even a few new scents. Our founder's partner ran her own soap & cosmetic company in Florida and we incorporated that business into our own and merged together, creating the label "Beard & Beauty Works" for a few of our products. While working 1-on-1 with someone who was very fluent in the cosmetic industry, we were also able to delve into our formulas and make them exceptional in the job they do; specifically targeting the areas that weren't being hit as hard before.

You might have noticed this change with our beard wash, which now fortifies and moisturizes the hair follicles while tightening and healing the skin underneath. No beard wash has done all this before, and we're proud to be the first company that has successfully administered this. Our oils, balms, and butters will be the next to receive this amazing boost that will set them apart from their competition. 

We also used this time to completely update our look. We knew the old look was "outdated", and with the new website, we were already planning on new photos...which is why we decided to put hundreds (yes, hundreds) of hours into design prototype after design prototype until we finally got the looks we wanted. We recently had to do yet another change to adjust to printing and fix small details, but our new look will be (hopefully) launching before the new year! With all the hard work and sleepless nights we've put into these new labels, we hope our customers are as happy with the new look as we are!

While 2020 was an exceedingly rough year for us, our families (and quite possibly some of our customers), we want to thank you for continuing to support small businesses such as ourselves with all the larger, more prominent options out there. Even though we had to change up our entire plan, we gained connections & friendships that no amount of money could ever make up or replace. We're forever grateful to our customers (family) and we will continue to push forward, keeping you as the first in mind. Whether it's something as small as a handwritten note, or something as large as completely changing up our look, we do it for you and will always continue to do so. 

Here's to better years,
Moez, Jasmine, & Zoe
Founder, Lab Manager, & Development, Beard of God

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I just want to say “Thank You”! I’ve been a loyal Beard of God customer for over four years now. I’m so happy you chose to share your story and what has been happening this year.

Hugh Long December 01, 2020

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